look to the future and

look to the future and

Shine Again

To every resilient woman who has faced cancer: I see you. Your strength, your battle, and the silent challenges you’ve endured beyond the treatments. My experiences, both personal and professional, within the cancer community have unveiled a pattern. I’ve seen the unspoken struggles, the emotional hurdles, and the transformation of self that emerges post-recovery.

cancer recovery coaching
cancer recovery coaching

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What to Expect

Spanning over 10 weeks, this specially curated program is more than just a recovery roadmap. It’s an intimate journey, a transformative experience tailor-made for women like you, who are ready to transition from mere survivors to vibrant thrivers.

Our program isn’t just a list of tasks or a focus solely on physical health. It’s a deep dive into:

Understand the transformation of your identity post-cancer, and rediscover your essence.

Learn the essentials of sleep regulation, holistic well-being, and rejuvenating your body from within.

Equip yourself with coping techniques that address both societal expectations and the standards you set for yourself.

Decode the art of setting and maintaining boundaries in your relationships, in your work environment and with yourself.

Address and overcome intimacy challenges that often accompany a cancer journey.



The beauty of this program lies in its flexibility. With a mix of recorded modules and weekly group coaching sessions, you can move at your own pace, absorbing and implementing each lesson with care. It’s about giving yourself the grace and space to heal and thrive on your terms.

If you feel a pull towards rekindling your inner spark and embracing life with renewed passion, I invite you to join us. For more intimate details or to simply chat about how this program can uplift you, please reach out. A new chapter is beginning.

cancer recovery coaching
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